Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fluffy and Bunny Travels 200km

Last month, Papa and Mama has no choice but to bring us with them on a 2hour 30mins car ride about 200km away from home. So they put us in a smaller cage (we don't travel so we do not have a carrier, but papa says will buy one for us next year). Mama and papa told us to behave and so we put on our best behaviour! We sat at one corner and didn't throw tantrums! 

We stopped a couple of times and daddy opens the window for us. I think he wanted to give us some fresh air, but we overheard that mama complained that the car was pungent with our pee. Wakakaka!! Well mama, all babies pee right? 

After a couple of hours, we arrived at the destination. Papa and mama was worried sick about us. But we are strong bunnies! We were given fresh vegetables but we were not eating during the ride. So they thought we are going to die. But after we came out of the cage, we began pooping all over the place! Hahaha! 

We were tired and we were getting used to a new environment. 

Bunny gave mama a shock of her life in the morning when mama found bunny on top of the cage! Mama fears if Bunny will runaway!  

So after that mama gave Bunny a box to make a rabbit tunnel, and Bunny occupies the tunnel the whole day! 

Fluffy, on the other hand, was sleeping around like a boss! 

Overall the service provided during the trip outstation was superb. We were well fed, and watered. We had so much attention with all the relatives. The neighbour dog gave us a barking welcome and we were treated like a bunnylebrity! Everyone loved us!!!! Even our bunny poop is treasured! The humans collected our poop to fertilize their plants! 

We really enjoyed our day off! After a week, we travelled home happily! What an exciting bunny life we had! 

Mom says no more vacation for us because she's worried we will fall sick from travelling! But I think we will do fine, maybe we get to travel again, next year?

Fluffy and Bunny

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


We are doing great after the Chinese New Year. What about you?

Bunny & Fluffy