Saturday, February 7, 2015

Baby Boots- New Gangster In Da Houz

Hi every bunnies in da world! Bunny's mama promised to update the blog but she failed. Bad mama! bad mama! But mama never forgets to feed Bunny.. And even bring Bunny a friend home! 

Every Bunnies, please say Hi to Boots! Boots is a buck. He is the cutest gangster in the the town!

Boots is just 1 years old. His birthday is on 1st December 2013. He's very unpredictable, runs fast like a lightning bolt and has temper. At this moment, we have no idea what is his favourite food. He doesn't seem to have extra interests on carrots, bananas and oranges. So, ended up Bunny always steals Boots food. Kekekeke...

Boots doesn't like Bunny too. Bunny doesn't like Boots too. Mama says we must get along for Chinese New Year because Boots and Bunny have to go for a car ride! Then Bunny and Boots become friends now, so that we can stay together next time. 

Alright, Its time for Bunny's afternoon nap. Goodbye alls!

Bunny Boy

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