Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bunnies Great Escape

Hello everybunny,
Today Fluffy and Bunny had a great non-supervised 2 hours of freedom. Mummy usually feeds us in our cage before going out for dinner, but today, we escaped! 

As usual, they love to hang a bunch of banana at the dining chair. And, as usual, we love to jump to grab a bite at the banana!

We can't actually reach the chair, so usually we steal the bananas from daddy! 

We love bananas! But the humans always take away the bananas from us and hide it far far away!

Not today, because no humans is around at home. Bunny and Fluffy got the last piece of banana, and finished everything, inclusive of the skin.

Yummy, it is very delicious! Mummy is very angry because we escaped! But, Mummy, you have forgotten to close the cage door! 

Life is great with Bananas!

Bunny and Fluffy

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Banana Thief

Hi, my name is Fluffy. I loves to eat Nanas (Bananas). Mummy hangs the nanas on the chair, I hop with my strong legs and stole a nana! 

Then mummy caught me and took the big nana from me. But mummy gave me eat a little bit! 

Then mummy throws the skin in a black bin. I think it is called the Dustbin. Bunny and I snuck into the dustbin but all we found are banana peel. Yuck, they tasted bitter! 

We both got whacked by mummy at our buttocks because we play with the dirty dustbin. 

I will try to steal another nana today! 

Fluffy, the thief! 

Monday, December 16, 2013


One Rambo to rule us all,
One Rambo to find us,
One Rambo to bring us all,
And in the light, unite us with love.

Tears still lingers in my eyes when I thought of him. Rambo, you have fought well and it's time for you to rest. 

Deepest Condolences to Bunnymama and papa, not to forget Rambo's big brother, Eddy, who is still confused over Rambo's departure.

Have many many binkies across the Rainbow Bridge. You will never be forgotten. 

Fluffy & Bunny.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our MaMa!

Bunny just don't get it. Mama let us run and play, but everytime we bite she whacks us and push as away.

Then when we bink and hop, she'll be like "awww, Bunny ar, why you so cute ya?". Bunny cant answer her because Bunny cannot deny that Bunny is cute!

Yesterday mama said "Bunny come, let's camwhore"

So Bunny went near mama, then mama took a weird looking thing that have the sound 'chak chak chak'. Sounds scary, so Bunny turns away...

The next thing Bunny knew was a shriek. "Bunny ah, why you show your backside to mama ah?!" 

Bunny hops away. Mama, Bunny's backside is cutest ma...

Then Bunny come sniff mama, and camwhore with mama. Mama so happy that she laughed stupidly. Don't you think humans are so weird?


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fun with Buns

Mama occassionally will give us veges. Bunny likes to eat the veges non stop, while I like to play with the veges. I can pull the veges far far, then shred it, then leave it on the floor. Then i go back to the vege container and smack the container so that the vegetables all fly out. 

Bunny loves to eat gracefully. He's a real juicer because he blends the vege with his teeth and the vegetable juice will ooze out making his mouth and hand green in color. Last time, mama will put a napkin for Bunny but i guessed mama become lazy already. 

After eating, i normally do some exercise. Mama will throw a cloth to cover me, and i will find my way out from there. Bunny is not interested in games. He prefers to sleep. 

This is how we have fun with the buns! 

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Farm In The City: Rabbits Area

Last week mama goes to an animal farm which houses many rabbits. It was a place where animals were kept and taken care of, and children can pet and feed the animals with the vegetables provided. 

Mama was very happy to see many bunnies roam freely. The area was spacious enough for rabbits to run, and they have a hut to shelter themselves from the rain.

Rabbits are not of pedigree, but they all looked cute altogether. Guinea Pigs are housed here together with rabbits too! 

However, mama is also sad, because some of the rabbits have infection. They looked sad. It's either the rabbits are sick, or fight amongst themselves.

The rabbits are not spayed too, hence could explain the dominance amongst the animals. 

Rabbits are cute, gentle creatures that can bring happiness to children and adults. Bunny and Fluffy hopes that the rabbits there will be taken good care of. 

Here are suggestion on how to improve the rabbit's immunity and health:

1) Give the rabbits sufficient amount of hay. The horse stable is nearby, and rabbits can eat the same hay as the horse, it wouldn't be too expensive right?

2) Supply rabbits with various kinds of greens. The same type of vegetable everyday (eg: kangkung) is not nourishing enough. There are spaces around the rabbit farm, where they can plant carrot tops. That area can be made into rabbit's vegetable patch as well. 

1) Neutering helps in controlling the number of rabbits and guinea pigs in that area. By that, the competition can be reduced and animal stress is also eventually reduced. 

2) By neutering, we can avoid multiple in-breedings. In-breedings should be avoided because of the high probability of genetic defects occurance. Rabbits breed about every few months. And each time they breed, it could reach about 6-10 babies. Beside avoidance of being overpopulated, these babies are very vulnerable to diseases, and diseases can spread to other rabbits.

3) Neutering decrease aggressive and dominance. Hence, reduces territorial fights from occurring.

Overall, these are the main problems found in the farm. Nonetheless, mama has mentioned that the farm indeed has done a good job in:

1) Ensuring rabbits are sheltered from rain and cold winds. During mama's last visit, it suddenly rained heavily, the farm workers quickly usher the rabbits back into their hut. And then release them again when the sun shines back.

2) Feeding vegetables instead of carrots. In Langkawi Geopark Rabbit Attraction, the caretaker actually provide the visitors carrots and kangkung for RM1 (per cup). In Farm In The City, the caretaker will provide unlimited of kangkung for the rabbits. 

3) No Smell. The space was big enough, and the obnoxious odor of rabbit poop and urine was not noticed. 

Mama hope that the next trip she visits, she can see some healthy looking rabbits there. 

For those who is interested to drop by and enjoy a day with these animals, here's the Facebook link

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Fluffy & Bunny

Friday, October 11, 2013

Everybunny by BunnyBoy

* let's sing together!*

Oh my God, bunny's back again,
Brothers, sisters everybody sing,

Gonna bring the carrots, show you how,
Got some nanas for me better give me now, yeah..

Am i original? Yeahhhhh...
Am i the only bun??? Yeah...
Am i spiderbun??? Yeahh...
Am i everybun you need?
You better rock your bunny now!

Everybunny yeah, rock your body ya!
Everybunny yeah, rock your body right!
Bunny's back alright! (Alright!) 

Now throw your poops up in the air,
Wave ur butt around like you just don't care,
If you wanna binky let gimme my bananas,
Cuz we got it goin' on again... Yeah!

Am i original? Yeahhhh
Am i a quarter Dutch??? Yeahhh
Am i faarney? Yeahhh
Am i everything you need?
You better feed your bunny now!

So everybunny, everywhere,
Don't be afraid, don't have no fear,
I'm gonna tell the world, make them understand,
As long as there'll be humanz, we'll act cute again.....

*repeat chorus till end lol* 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Fluffy Bloody Nails

This happens yesterday. Curry Fluffs is bleeding, but she shows no sign of pain. She just leave her toe to bleed. 

Hyperactive Fluffy is a little worrisome. I hope she tone down her activeness, otherwise all 10 nails will break!

I hope her body is healthy, so that she wont have infection from the wound. =.=

Worry Fluffs Mama

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Deepest Sympathy to Boston Marathon Bomb Victims

Bunniey and Fluffy are really upset today! Our mummy is also an avid runner in local marathon event. So when there's bombing happen in such an event, we are worried.

Bunniey and Fluffy will continue to pray for every animal wellbeing and safety, as well as WORLD PEACE!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Fluffy!

It is Easter Day today! Wishing every bunny friends a happy holiday!

Have everybun decorated their eggs already?

Easter Fluffy 2013 *hopz*

Monday, February 11, 2013

Bunny Celebrates Chinese New Year!

Ohai every bun-friends!

Bunny would like to take this opportunity to wish every Chinese bunnies in the world a Happy Chinese New Year!

May every bunnies in the world be filled with love, care, have sufficient food and water and healthy!


P/s: Fifi is busy counting her angpaos!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Shhhh Fluffy is Sleeping...

One rainy night, Fluffy was really agitated. So, I took her out from her cage and put her in a trance position. Slowly, she began to sleep.

Rabbits are very funny when they sleep on their back. They would occasionally grind their teeths and twitch a couple of times. So I put Fluffy down and neck supported by a ball of socks. There goes! Sleeping like a baby...

<3 Fluffy

Deepest Love,
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

GOODBYE Pipkin *sobs*

It is a sad day. Mama just found out that Pipkin has bid us farewell. It was really shocking for Pipkin, Eleanor and all bunnies in the world.

You are my idol Dutch rabbit. You are cute, have perfect Dutch characteristics, and I love your trousers!

Bye Pipkin, you will surely be missed..

Deepest Love,
Bunny, Fluffy and family
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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Mama is upset because mama sees a photo on animal testing on a rabbit. Bunny is upset too!!!

Bunny don't knows why humans have to put paint on their faces, bunnies don't need paint on our faces. Bunnies are naturally beautiful. We can has long furs, smooth and silky mane with colors. Like Bunny, a Dutch rabbit has 2 prominent colors of grey and white. Bunny thinks Bunny is as handsome as Michael Jackson-both  of us being grey and white!

Cosmetics testing are done on animals like rabbit! But humans! Aren't you fool? Which part of us that you see similar with that of yours??? You one furless creature, lacking confidence on natural beauty that God has awarded you! How can you put those chemicals on rabbits skin just for the sake of enhancing YOUR own beauty! Test the cosmetics on YOUR own skin then!!!

Tests involve general toxicity, eye and skin irritancy, phototoxicity by UV radiation, and mutagenicity! Oh gosh, what have animals done to be treated this way?

Why do humans prefer to look like a Gollum?

*thumps feet*
(Bunny revenges for his mates by putting rabbit poo poo on humans' drinks)

Mama, here's your Milo. *hiak hiak hiak*