Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tale of A Rabbit Named Fluffy (Year 1)

Fluffy and Bunny came into our lives on 28th January 2011. They were very small, and XeROz bought them from a pet store. These two rabbits caught his eyes, and he bought them for me.
(Note: please do not buy from a pet store, there are a lot of rabbits waiting to be adopted)

Fluffy was golden brown, and very friendly when she started living with us. She eats almost everything and was so lovely. She runs and she hops happily, it was really a happy rabbit.

Fluffy became really mischievious during here teenage months. She sneaks like a theif, runs like an athlete, she was really super active. It was tiring just to catch up with her. Very often she bites our cables and wires. Some of the wires even short-circuited, and sparked, but she hopped away unscathed. We were really worried about her, especially when we wanted to entrusted her to be a free-roaming rabbit.

She will always run herself tired and doze off like this!

There was once, me and Redbuttockz thought that we had lost her. She was missing for quite some time. We were calling "Fluffy! Fluffy!" and we asked Bunny to help look for her. Bunny was pretty hopeless in such cases. Haha! Finally she came out looking like this. Holy Christ! Fluffy, where have you been? 

She went underneath the fridge! Thank God she wasnt electrocuted and die, as we wouldn't have found her!

Fluffy and Bunny grew up together, sleep together...

They played together as well...

Fluffy have always been smarter than Bunny. She was the first to be able to find a way on top of her food storage table. She would flip the plastic open and eat her heart out.

and when we scold her, she would stand still, looked at us, and gave us this face. We forgave her immediately!

Fluffy and Bunny sharing their treats. We always make sure to give them some treats to make them happy.

Fluffy can also wink. She sometimes wink especially when we talk to her. I wonder if she understands what we were saying to her. Well, she's really intelligent.

How would you imagine Fluffy to be in Year 2? She grew tremendously, and we then moved to our home. Fluffy and Bunny of course, moved along with us too! Stay tuned for more stories.


The Most Difficult Blog Post

There's this post that I know I have to write on behalf of little Fluffy. After all, this blog is about Fluffy and Bunny. It has been really difficult to string those words, and every thought of it filled with so much bitter sweet memories. 

But, I guess as their mama, I'm obliged to write about this experience, as this is a part of life. 

Mama Nicole