Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fluffy, Where Are You??

When we thought little Fluffy had disappeared.....

Pic taken in 2011.

Deepest Love,
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Huh? Did I Post Twice Of My Handsome Pic?

Bunny forgets that bunny posted the handsome pic watching TV already.

Hehehehehe p/s I still think I am handsome!!


Handsome Bunny Is Handsome!!

Bunny is handsome when watching TV!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rabbits Bonding Part 2

After the deemed successful bonding part 1, we proceeded with bonding part 2, which happened to fail. Fluffy has no interest to play with Bunny at all. And Bunny keeps tailing Fluffy everywhere she goes.

The worst part is when Fluffy lay to rest and Bunny comes to hump her head!!!!


We were too shocked to push him away and ended up Fluffy is rejecting Bunny again! POOR BUNNY!!

Deepest Love,
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Praying For Toffee Rabbit

Dear God, wherever you are Bunny hope you can hear Bunny out. Bunny has a friend, his name is Toffee Rabbit. He looks like this *refer to the photo below*

Toffee Rabbit is a brown coloured fluffy bunny with wriggly tongue and he is suffering from acute pain due to some bunny diseases lately. God, Toffee is only 5 years old. Lately veterinarians in Hong Kong has been treating Toffee and it seems like Toffee is really weak. Bunny is sad.

God, I fall to my knees and pray. Please relief Toffee of his pain and heal him. Toffee is really sick with his ear infection, kidney problems, and facial paralysis. Dear God, please help Toffee out. It saddens Bunny to see him in sorrow and couldn't do anything.

Every bunny in the world is saying their prayer to Toffee Rabbit and family in Hong Kong. And Bunny would like to dedicate this blog post to Toffee. Stay strong Toffee!  Bunny couldn't help Toffee, but here's a bouquet of roses for you! Get well soon Toffee, miss you!

About Toffee Rabbit:-

*praying hard for Toffee*

Bunny Boy (Malaysia)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bonding The Rabbits (The Beginning)

Rabbits, despite their gentle nature, are territorial creatures. Two rabbits that grew up together may someday fight and hurt each other when they mature, and have to be separated. As in my case, Fluffy and Bunny has been brought up together, lived in the same cage until Bunny matures and starts to hump Fluffy. Obviously Fluffy doesn't seem to enjoy Bunny's action and bites Bunny.

Initially we didn't know what has happened to the rabbits, and seeing how aggressive Fluffy has become and Bunny's never ending lusts, we separated the rabbits into two cages. Since then, Bunny and Fluffy never lick or kiss each other again.

It took us a few months to realize that spaying Fluffy may make her gentle. I went high and low looking (googling) for a rabbit vet.  Because not many veterinarians know or dare to operate on a female rabbit, for its process is more complicated and the risk is high and expensive too!. Finally I come across an honest doctor who would sponsor Fluffy's operation. That is none other than Dr Edmund Yeoh of Bandar Puteri Veterinary Clinic and Surgery.

After that, a less aggressive behavior is seen in Fluffy, and it is time to prep Bunny as well. Bunny has to be castrated. And I went to Dr. Yeoh again. Well, this time it is a not-sponsored procedure. Bunny has been less lustful ever since. So we decided that it is time for them to be friends again.

Our first attempt is in my brother's room. Fluffy have always like my brother's body odor, so the bonding was filled with high speed rabbit chase and a little fights. Yesterday night, i put both rabbits in my room, with a container of hay and water. They seemed more relax, less agitated. No fighting, they even lick each other at some point but never show any keenness to be friends. It has been almost a year since their separation and it is really lovely to see Fluffy and Bunny together again.

So I'm hoping the bonding will be a success and I can see both of them living together again. That's all for now XD...

Deepest Love,
Babies Mama..

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hay Day! Hay Day!!!

One fine day, I woke up and found out - THERE'S NO MORE HAY!

So I broke the news to Fluffy and Bunny...

Fluffy: WHAT? No more hay?
Bunny: Ok, May I have fresh pellets please?

*puts pellets for Fluffy and Bunny*

Bunny: *WUEK* Mama, when is hay coming? Bunny dislike pellets. *refused to eat*

Fluffy: I WANT HAY! I WANT HAY *topples food container with pellet all around*

So, Bunny couldn't control his hunger, and practised Yoga to calm his mind down..
(Actually is self-cleaning)

Bunny: Mama, this looks like carrot *bites*

Seeing Bunny and Fluffy unable to eat well. I messaged my supplier, Mr. Timothy from for stock. Initially he told me to order online, but I can't wait anymore. So I requested his kind help, to save me 5kg of hay. Thank God he has the time to meet up and pass me the hay before leaving for United States.

*Bunny and Fluffy is so lucky*

Here's my review/opinion of the hay supplied by Tinycritterz:-
  • Colour: green
  • Smell: fragrant of grass, smells really nice (like after the grass cutter cuts grass but with a little dried smell)
  • Taste: I never actually tried personally, but Fluffy and Bunny would rush to the plastic bag, or stand up anticipating the hay coming to them whenever I re-fill their food. Previously, I bought fruit-flavoured pellet for them, which they love, but since feeding them with more hay, they tend to eat hay first, and then pellet (if necessary). Otherwise, both rabbits will just leave the pellet in their food tray and wait for hay to be refilled.
  • Seller: Timothy from Tinycritterz is really friendly and helpful. That is why I like to buy from him.
  • Price: as seen on website - RM40 for 2kg with free delivery. Which I find reasonable. 
  • Disadvantage: Being packed in this bag, the hay become entangle when you want to take it out, causing a mess on the floor. Well, I guess I just have to train my rabbits to "clean" the floor too! 
Buying the right food for your bunnies is important. Now you know why Bunny and Fluffy loves me~ *hugs*
MsXERoz (mama)

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Peek Into Bunny's Life!


*bunny flips*

Today I shall share with you my daily routine!

8am- Breakfast time! Mommies refills my food tray and water.

8.05am- nom nom and shift all the food in the tray into the cage.

8.30am- stomach full. Mess the cage like nobody's business.

9.00am- nibble and bite cage. Pee and poop

10.00am- hungry. Eat again.

10.05am- Exercise time. Go round and round the cage.

10.10am- Play hide and seek alone with the cloth. Pee and poop again.

11.00am- tired. Sit duckmode.

12.00pm- Sleepy. Almost time for bed.

2-4.00pm - sleep, eat, pee, poop, eat and continue sleep.

6.00pm- Mama is home! Bangs cage to catch attention for food and water refill.

7.30pm- Rest after dinner, Mama opens cage and cleans cage while Bunny is free to roam.

8.30pm- treats time! Bunny gets Chinese celery or Italian parsley or oranges!

9.30pm- back in cage! It's Fluffy time to come out. Bunny rests

10.30pm- play in cage

12.00pm- goes hyperactive, and go round and round in cage.

12.30pm- Lights off! Hehehe nobody knows what Bunny does at this time!


How's your day?

Diary of a Bunny Boy!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bunny: I Can Handle Castration

by MsXeROz

KUALA LUMPUR: Owning a pet is no minor feat. Many pet owners surrendered after realizing that they are unable to bear such responsibility.

Well, that is not the case for pet rabbit named Bunny. Being weak and sick, Bunny is well cared and nurtured by his owner, or can be said as "parents", MsXeRoZ and RedButtockz. Bunny is no ordinary rabbit to begin with, borned as a Dutch Rabbit breed, Bunny never inherited the 100% of a Dutch.

A dutch rabbit is easily identifiable by it's characteristic colour pattern. It has a blaze, an even wedge of white running up the rabbit's face. It is shaped by the cheeks in rounded circles on either side of the face. It would look like a rabbit wearing pants illusion, with a straight partitian of colour on it's body.

Unfortunately, Bunny does not have such characteristic patterns, but Bunny is a rabbit that looked like wearing a one-arm-sleeveless jumpsuit with its grey fur and only one of his arm is white.

Despite not being the perfect Dutch rabbit, Bunny is well taken care of, and is sent for castration on 24th September 2012. He was being tended by Dr. Edmund Yeoh of Bandar Puteri Veterinari. Dr Edmund is a well-recommended doctor for treating animals like cats and dogs. It is quite rare to find doctors that specializes in rabbit in Klang Valley. Nonetheless, Bunny is lucky that Dr. Edmund has a slot for surgery today.

At 3.30pm, the vet called Mummy and was informed that Bunny survived the castration, and is waiting to be picked up and go home. Finally arrived home, Bunny immediately entered his cage and started eating and drinking. I tried to interview Bunny, but he was busy eating nom nom nom so I decided to give him some privacy and let him eat peacefully. 

"His eyes are red,"Bunny daddy commented. 
"He looked drowsy," Bunny mummy added. 

But since Bunny started eating, drinking, pee and poop, he seems to be doing fine. Upon asking Bunny, how does he feel after a tiring day, Bunny replied "I can handle castration." 

"I would like to thank Toffee Rabbit for praying for me. I am fine and can't wait to see you in the Red No.37 costume. tee hee ^.^" says Bunny as well.

 He requested the media not to disturb him as he need some rest and privacy to surf the web.

If your pet-rabbit needs neutering, you can contact:
Dr. Edmund Yeoh & Dr. Liu,
Bandar Puteri Veterinary Clinic and Surgery
No. 16, Jalan Puteri 5/8,
47100 Bandar Puteri Puchong,
Tel: 03-8062 1038

That's the news update for today. MsXeRoZ reporting live for

Thank You Toffee Rabbit!

Today we sent Bunny for castration. Bunny boy is about 1 years and 10months old. Just like our baby, we are all anxious over Bunny's surgery.

We sent Bunny to the vet at 10.30pm today, and the surgery will take place between 2pm to 4pm. After that the vet will monitor Bunny's condition for 1-2hours and we are allowed to bring him home.

Hopefully Bunny will be alright, and thank you Toffee Rabbit for praying for Bunny's safety. We are very honored to have Hong Kong most adorable 5-year old Toffee Rabbit as pen pal. :D

All the best Bunny Boy!

MsXeRoZ (mama)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Imma Tigress Bunny

Hai everybuns, how was your weekend? Lazy bunnies like us usually sleep and eat all day! (even on weekdays)

Mummy says Fluffy hands has white stripes! Is Fluffy turning into a tiger? Then Fluffy can RawRrrr and scare Bunny more often hehehe.
I hope bunny hands will change to stripes too. Then Bunny would be a zebra! *bink*

Tigress Fluffy & Zebra Bunny

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Castration for Bunny Boy!

Ohai everybuns!

Bunny is really busy last weekend because mama lets Bunny out to play. So Bunny goes near Fluffy but Fluffy is not allowed to come out coz Bunny will hump Fluffy. Fluffy doesn't like it at all.

Mama calls the vet today and made appointment to castrate Bunny. Bunny is scared but Bunny has to because mama can't afford to keep more babies. We, rabbits, eat a lot and hay is expensive too!

Fluffy is so brave because Fluffy has gone for spaying. Mama thinks Fluffy ate her plaster too because she couldn't find it. Bunny scares pain and hope Bunny won't eat the plaster too! Well mama tells Bunny that after castration, Bunny gets to bond with Fluffy and then Bunny will have Fluffy as my girlfriend. Yahoo!!

That's all now. Im off to rest my body!

Bunny Bom Bom...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Guess Who Will Be Joining Adidas King of The Road 2012 as well ... ?

*Yawnzz* Good nite everybunnies..
Sleeping early today! I'll be joining 10km marathon tomorrow! *bunny flips*
So.. Don't be surprise if you see a bunny in Adidas King Of The Road 2012 tomorrow morning - cuz' Bunneh Is Funneh will be there!!

Yes, Malaysia is all in - even rabbits too!


Bunny, yea I'm funny!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ahak...I Pee On Mama's Carpet

^.^ Bunny is happee.
Mama leave Bunny run run in room.
Bunny poop then, Bunny pee...
on mama carpet...

Then Bunny see mama walk walk around and step step on my poop.
Mama take the carpet and clean.
Bunny look. Bunny lie down..hehe..
^.^ and mama smell the carpet.
"EEEWWW, sei Bunny shi shi on the carpet" and tell daddy wash.

What a sight! haha..


Bunny and Fluffy Funny Faces

Herro everybunnies out there!
Lately Mummy and Daddy loves to feed us with fresh Veggies so we will be healthy and strong buns. But Bunny and me feels that Mummy and Daddy wants to take silly faces of us when we eat.
Do we really look that funny? O.o
*rabbit flops*

Fluffy the Cute

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lazy Bunny

Shhh... Please don't tell Mummy that I'm too lazy to back to my cage to poop! I shall hide here and Mummy can't see me!


Mummy, My Nails Are Too Long!

Note from Mama: This is an incorrect way of grooming rabbit. When rabbits are young, their nail is soft, hence a Nail File can be used. When rabbit grows up, their nail will be more hard and an appropriate nail cutting tool should be used. This video is created because Fluffy seems to enjoy the manicure & pedicure!

*Thumps feet*

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Amazing Fluffy

Hiiez all!

Fluffy is envious that mama used Bunny as her model for Internet Freedom Campaign. So I nudge mama to do a beautiful billboard shot for me. Hehe ^.^ *rabbit winks*

Did you know that tomorrow onwards will be the 7th Lunar Month? Fluffy is not superstitious but 7th Lunar Month means this is the month that hungry ghosts and spirits roam about. The gates of heaven,hell and earth will be open for the spirits to pay visit. *scary*

But Fluffy is not scared. Fluffy guards mama n daddy main door. Fluffy thumps feet *thump thump* and let the spirit knows that this is FiFi's place. No ka-ka-cau-cau! Mama and Mimi cannot see what FiFi sees! They always come out and ask FiFi to keep quiet and be good. :(

FiFi wishes everyone and everybuns "Happy 7th Month!"


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Bunny's Role In Freedom of Speech

Bunny has become a model! Mama was very active in opposing something called Section 114A of the Evidence Act. It is something humans worry about. The advantage of being a rabbit is that we do not have police that catches us to jail!!

Rabbits also do not have to wake up in the morning, dress up for work, hehe.. I sleep throughout the day at home.. I have an enjoyable rabbitful life!

Mama uses me as a model for her internet freedom campaign.

Do you think I have a beautiful bunny eyes??


*sniff sniff smell*

Friday, August 3, 2012

Baby Fluffy and Baby Bunny

When we are about 6 weeks old ^.^

When we were first brought home, Baby Bunny had a bad diarrhea for 48 hours. Baby Bunny finished up the whole roll of toilet paper. Thankfully, he got well and managed to survived the illness.

Hope you like our video!

Fluffy and Bunny

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chapter 2: Fluffy Girl

Hi all...

I'm Fluffy. I am a doe (female) rabbit. I have beautiful golden hair (fur) and I'm so loveable. Let's be friends *winks*

My story began when Daddy bought me from a pet shop in Banting, Selangor. I was so tiny, but I am active. So he chose me. When we arrived home, Mama asked Daddy, "why one so pretty, and one so ugly???" 

I was pretty sure I'm the one she called "pretty".

I was really tiny, like a fur ball. And I love human touch. So, Immediately I was named Fluffy.

As I grow older, my cuteness slowly disappear. I became more fierce too. I think it's because of my hormones. T_T

Because of that, Bunny and I are no longer friends.

I am very alert, and territorial. I thump feet to show my anger or when I need attention.
 I don't care what people say or think about me. I show them my ass.

Like Pippa Middleton, I think I have a good looking derriere. LOL!

Want a hug?


want a BITE?



Chapter 1: Bunny Boy

I'm Bunny and I am a buck (boy) rabbit. 

Can you guess which one is me?

Yupz that is right! I'm the handsome grey and white rabbit. When I was young, I have frizzy hair (fur). I think I have the most ridiculous rabbit name in the whole wide world - Bunny. Why would mama name me Bunny?

Because when Daddy brought Fluffy and I back home, Fluffy was cute, and healthy. Fluffy had a bright golden colour. On the other hand, I was frizzy, grey, ugly and sickly. 

Fluffy was so friendly that immediately Mama named her Fluffy. It took Mama three days to name me, but most of the names suggested was:

Si Lemah, Si Busuk, Frizzy, Grizzly Bear, Smelly

 I then gave them a sad look,
so Mama said "OKLAH, name him Bunny"


So I am a bunny named Bunny.

I'm Bunny the bunny..