Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chapter 1: Bunny Boy

I'm Bunny and I am a buck (boy) rabbit. 

Can you guess which one is me?

Yupz that is right! I'm the handsome grey and white rabbit. When I was young, I have frizzy hair (fur). I think I have the most ridiculous rabbit name in the whole wide world - Bunny. Why would mama name me Bunny?

Because when Daddy brought Fluffy and I back home, Fluffy was cute, and healthy. Fluffy had a bright golden colour. On the other hand, I was frizzy, grey, ugly and sickly. 

Fluffy was so friendly that immediately Mama named her Fluffy. It took Mama three days to name me, but most of the names suggested was:

Si Lemah, Si Busuk, Frizzy, Grizzly Bear, Smelly

 I then gave them a sad look,
so Mama said "OKLAH, name him Bunny"


So I am a bunny named Bunny.

I'm Bunny the bunny..



  1. Why Bunny got no comments? Okay I'll leave the first comment to baby bunny

  2. aww Bunny you are still a cutie pie! :)

  3. Bunny: *shy shy* teheeee thanks Ashley