Monday, September 24, 2012

Thank You Toffee Rabbit!

Today we sent Bunny for castration. Bunny boy is about 1 years and 10months old. Just like our baby, we are all anxious over Bunny's surgery.

We sent Bunny to the vet at 10.30pm today, and the surgery will take place between 2pm to 4pm. After that the vet will monitor Bunny's condition for 1-2hours and we are allowed to bring him home.

Hopefully Bunny will be alright, and thank you Toffee Rabbit for praying for Bunny's safety. We are very honored to have Hong Kong most adorable 5-year old Toffee Rabbit as pen pal. :D

All the best Bunny Boy!

MsXeRoZ (mama)


  1. Bunny mami, you are welcome. We are so happy to make friend with you too. I think it maybe time to bring Bunny home...he must be so happy to back home ! Love him ! Best wishes !

    Toffee mama

  2. Toffee mama,
    Ya, Bunny boy is home and will post more about him soon =)