Monday, September 24, 2012

Bunny: I Can Handle Castration

by MsXeROz

KUALA LUMPUR: Owning a pet is no minor feat. Many pet owners surrendered after realizing that they are unable to bear such responsibility.

Well, that is not the case for pet rabbit named Bunny. Being weak and sick, Bunny is well cared and nurtured by his owner, or can be said as "parents", MsXeRoZ and RedButtockz. Bunny is no ordinary rabbit to begin with, borned as a Dutch Rabbit breed, Bunny never inherited the 100% of a Dutch.

A dutch rabbit is easily identifiable by it's characteristic colour pattern. It has a blaze, an even wedge of white running up the rabbit's face. It is shaped by the cheeks in rounded circles on either side of the face. It would look like a rabbit wearing pants illusion, with a straight partitian of colour on it's body.

Unfortunately, Bunny does not have such characteristic patterns, but Bunny is a rabbit that looked like wearing a one-arm-sleeveless jumpsuit with its grey fur and only one of his arm is white.

Despite not being the perfect Dutch rabbit, Bunny is well taken care of, and is sent for castration on 24th September 2012. He was being tended by Dr. Edmund Yeoh of Bandar Puteri Veterinari. Dr Edmund is a well-recommended doctor for treating animals like cats and dogs. It is quite rare to find doctors that specializes in rabbit in Klang Valley. Nonetheless, Bunny is lucky that Dr. Edmund has a slot for surgery today.

At 3.30pm, the vet called Mummy and was informed that Bunny survived the castration, and is waiting to be picked up and go home. Finally arrived home, Bunny immediately entered his cage and started eating and drinking. I tried to interview Bunny, but he was busy eating nom nom nom so I decided to give him some privacy and let him eat peacefully. 

"His eyes are red,"Bunny daddy commented. 
"He looked drowsy," Bunny mummy added. 

But since Bunny started eating, drinking, pee and poop, he seems to be doing fine. Upon asking Bunny, how does he feel after a tiring day, Bunny replied "I can handle castration." 

"I would like to thank Toffee Rabbit for praying for me. I am fine and can't wait to see you in the Red No.37 costume. tee hee ^.^" says Bunny as well.

 He requested the media not to disturb him as he need some rest and privacy to surf the web.

If your pet-rabbit needs neutering, you can contact:
Dr. Edmund Yeoh & Dr. Liu,
Bandar Puteri Veterinary Clinic and Surgery
No. 16, Jalan Puteri 5/8,
47100 Bandar Puteri Puchong,
Tel: 03-8062 1038

That's the news update for today. MsXeRoZ reporting live for

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