Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Praying For Toffee Rabbit

Dear God, wherever you are Bunny hope you can hear Bunny out. Bunny has a friend, his name is Toffee Rabbit. He looks like this *refer to the photo below*

Toffee Rabbit is a brown coloured fluffy bunny with wriggly tongue and he is suffering from acute pain due to some bunny diseases lately. God, Toffee is only 5 years old. Lately veterinarians in Hong Kong has been treating Toffee and it seems like Toffee is really weak. Bunny is sad.

God, I fall to my knees and pray. Please relief Toffee of his pain and heal him. Toffee is really sick with his ear infection, kidney problems, and facial paralysis. Dear God, please help Toffee out. It saddens Bunny to see him in sorrow and couldn't do anything.

Every bunny in the world is saying their prayer to Toffee Rabbit and family in Hong Kong. And Bunny would like to dedicate this blog post to Toffee. Stay strong Toffee!  Bunny couldn't help Toffee, but here's a bouquet of roses for you! Get well soon Toffee, miss you!

About Toffee Rabbit:-

*praying hard for Toffee*

Bunny Boy (Malaysia)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bonding The Rabbits (The Beginning)

Rabbits, despite their gentle nature, are territorial creatures. Two rabbits that grew up together may someday fight and hurt each other when they mature, and have to be separated. As in my case, Fluffy and Bunny has been brought up together, lived in the same cage until Bunny matures and starts to hump Fluffy. Obviously Fluffy doesn't seem to enjoy Bunny's action and bites Bunny.

Initially we didn't know what has happened to the rabbits, and seeing how aggressive Fluffy has become and Bunny's never ending lusts, we separated the rabbits into two cages. Since then, Bunny and Fluffy never lick or kiss each other again.

It took us a few months to realize that spaying Fluffy may make her gentle. I went high and low looking (googling) for a rabbit vet.  Because not many veterinarians know or dare to operate on a female rabbit, for its process is more complicated and the risk is high and expensive too!. Finally I come across an honest doctor who would sponsor Fluffy's operation. That is none other than Dr Edmund Yeoh of Bandar Puteri Veterinary Clinic and Surgery.

After that, a less aggressive behavior is seen in Fluffy, and it is time to prep Bunny as well. Bunny has to be castrated. And I went to Dr. Yeoh again. Well, this time it is a not-sponsored procedure. Bunny has been less lustful ever since. So we decided that it is time for them to be friends again.

Our first attempt is in my brother's room. Fluffy have always like my brother's body odor, so the bonding was filled with high speed rabbit chase and a little fights. Yesterday night, i put both rabbits in my room, with a container of hay and water. They seemed more relax, less agitated. No fighting, they even lick each other at some point but never show any keenness to be friends. It has been almost a year since their separation and it is really lovely to see Fluffy and Bunny together again.

So I'm hoping the bonding will be a success and I can see both of them living together again. That's all for now XD...

Deepest Love,
Babies Mama..

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hay Day! Hay Day!!!

One fine day, I woke up and found out - THERE'S NO MORE HAY!

So I broke the news to Fluffy and Bunny...

Fluffy: WHAT? No more hay?
Bunny: Ok, May I have fresh pellets please?

*puts pellets for Fluffy and Bunny*

Bunny: *WUEK* Mama, when is hay coming? Bunny dislike pellets. *refused to eat*

Fluffy: I WANT HAY! I WANT HAY *topples food container with pellet all around*

So, Bunny couldn't control his hunger, and practised Yoga to calm his mind down..
(Actually is self-cleaning)

Bunny: Mama, this looks like carrot *bites*

Seeing Bunny and Fluffy unable to eat well. I messaged my supplier, Mr. Timothy from for stock. Initially he told me to order online, but I can't wait anymore. So I requested his kind help, to save me 5kg of hay. Thank God he has the time to meet up and pass me the hay before leaving for United States.

*Bunny and Fluffy is so lucky*

Here's my review/opinion of the hay supplied by Tinycritterz:-
  • Colour: green
  • Smell: fragrant of grass, smells really nice (like after the grass cutter cuts grass but with a little dried smell)
  • Taste: I never actually tried personally, but Fluffy and Bunny would rush to the plastic bag, or stand up anticipating the hay coming to them whenever I re-fill their food. Previously, I bought fruit-flavoured pellet for them, which they love, but since feeding them with more hay, they tend to eat hay first, and then pellet (if necessary). Otherwise, both rabbits will just leave the pellet in their food tray and wait for hay to be refilled.
  • Seller: Timothy from Tinycritterz is really friendly and helpful. That is why I like to buy from him.
  • Price: as seen on website - RM40 for 2kg with free delivery. Which I find reasonable. 
  • Disadvantage: Being packed in this bag, the hay become entangle when you want to take it out, causing a mess on the floor. Well, I guess I just have to train my rabbits to "clean" the floor too! 
Buying the right food for your bunnies is important. Now you know why Bunny and Fluffy loves me~ *hugs*
MsXERoz (mama)

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Peek Into Bunny's Life!


*bunny flips*

Today I shall share with you my daily routine!

8am- Breakfast time! Mommies refills my food tray and water.

8.05am- nom nom and shift all the food in the tray into the cage.

8.30am- stomach full. Mess the cage like nobody's business.

9.00am- nibble and bite cage. Pee and poop

10.00am- hungry. Eat again.

10.05am- Exercise time. Go round and round the cage.

10.10am- Play hide and seek alone with the cloth. Pee and poop again.

11.00am- tired. Sit duckmode.

12.00pm- Sleepy. Almost time for bed.

2-4.00pm - sleep, eat, pee, poop, eat and continue sleep.

6.00pm- Mama is home! Bangs cage to catch attention for food and water refill.

7.30pm- Rest after dinner, Mama opens cage and cleans cage while Bunny is free to roam.

8.30pm- treats time! Bunny gets Chinese celery or Italian parsley or oranges!

9.30pm- back in cage! It's Fluffy time to come out. Bunny rests

10.30pm- play in cage

12.00pm- goes hyperactive, and go round and round in cage.

12.30pm- Lights off! Hehehe nobody knows what Bunny does at this time!


How's your day?

Diary of a Bunny Boy!