Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Castration for Bunny Boy!

Ohai everybuns!

Bunny is really busy last weekend because mama lets Bunny out to play. So Bunny goes near Fluffy but Fluffy is not allowed to come out coz Bunny will hump Fluffy. Fluffy doesn't like it at all.

Mama calls the vet today and made appointment to castrate Bunny. Bunny is scared but Bunny has to because mama can't afford to keep more babies. We, rabbits, eat a lot and hay is expensive too!

Fluffy is so brave because Fluffy has gone for spaying. Mama thinks Fluffy ate her plaster too because she couldn't find it. Bunny scares pain and hope Bunny won't eat the plaster too! Well mama tells Bunny that after castration, Bunny gets to bond with Fluffy and then Bunny will have Fluffy as my girlfriend. Yahoo!!

That's all now. Im off to rest my body!

Bunny Bom Bom...

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