Thursday, January 3, 2013


Mama is upset because mama sees a photo on animal testing on a rabbit. Bunny is upset too!!!

Bunny don't knows why humans have to put paint on their faces, bunnies don't need paint on our faces. Bunnies are naturally beautiful. We can has long furs, smooth and silky mane with colors. Like Bunny, a Dutch rabbit has 2 prominent colors of grey and white. Bunny thinks Bunny is as handsome as Michael Jackson-both  of us being grey and white!

Cosmetics testing are done on animals like rabbit! But humans! Aren't you fool? Which part of us that you see similar with that of yours??? You one furless creature, lacking confidence on natural beauty that God has awarded you! How can you put those chemicals on rabbits skin just for the sake of enhancing YOUR own beauty! Test the cosmetics on YOUR own skin then!!!

Tests involve general toxicity, eye and skin irritancy, phototoxicity by UV radiation, and mutagenicity! Oh gosh, what have animals done to be treated this way?

Why do humans prefer to look like a Gollum?

*thumps feet*
(Bunny revenges for his mates by putting rabbit poo poo on humans' drinks)

Mama, here's your Milo. *hiak hiak hiak*


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