Thursday, May 1, 2014

Funny Messy Munching Bunny

It's our weekly buffet session! As usual, we are served with vegetables, and some treats like this time, its carrots. 

Being the smartest rabbit in the whole wide world, Bunny eats all the carrots first. Carrots are delicious! Carrots are orange in colour, looks attractive and tasted sweet and crunchy. Bunny don't know why mama loves watching Bunny and Fluffy during our buffet session. Mama just can't leave us alone!!! Bunny wonders why! 

After carrots are finished, then only Bunny will attack the vegetables. Bunny dislikes vegetable stalk, they are less tasty than the leafy part. If Bunny has a choice, Bunny would leave the stalk away. But momma wont feed us until all stalks are finished! Bad mama!!! Bunny knows momma doesn't like to eat vegetables too but momma keeps forcing us eat! 

Hey momma?! Are u done laughing at me? 

*momma rolls on the floor laughing* 

What's so funny with this?? 

-based on A day's life with Bunny the rabbit- 

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