Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Amazing Fluffy

Hiiez all!

Fluffy is envious that mama used Bunny as her model for Internet Freedom Campaign. So I nudge mama to do a beautiful billboard shot for me. Hehe ^.^ *rabbit winks*

Did you know that tomorrow onwards will be the 7th Lunar Month? Fluffy is not superstitious but 7th Lunar Month means this is the month that hungry ghosts and spirits roam about. The gates of heaven,hell and earth will be open for the spirits to pay visit. *scary*

But Fluffy is not scared. Fluffy guards mama n daddy main door. Fluffy thumps feet *thump thump* and let the spirit knows that this is FiFi's place. No ka-ka-cau-cau! Mama and Mimi cannot see what FiFi sees! They always come out and ask FiFi to keep quiet and be good. :(

FiFi wishes everyone and everybuns "Happy 7th Month!"


1 comment:

  1. hoho! bunny better watch out! later get caught by those. =p