Monday, October 8, 2012

A Peek Into Bunny's Life!


*bunny flips*

Today I shall share with you my daily routine!

8am- Breakfast time! Mommies refills my food tray and water.

8.05am- nom nom and shift all the food in the tray into the cage.

8.30am- stomach full. Mess the cage like nobody's business.

9.00am- nibble and bite cage. Pee and poop

10.00am- hungry. Eat again.

10.05am- Exercise time. Go round and round the cage.

10.10am- Play hide and seek alone with the cloth. Pee and poop again.

11.00am- tired. Sit duckmode.

12.00pm- Sleepy. Almost time for bed.

2-4.00pm - sleep, eat, pee, poop, eat and continue sleep.

6.00pm- Mama is home! Bangs cage to catch attention for food and water refill.

7.30pm- Rest after dinner, Mama opens cage and cleans cage while Bunny is free to roam.

8.30pm- treats time! Bunny gets Chinese celery or Italian parsley or oranges!

9.30pm- back in cage! It's Fluffy time to come out. Bunny rests

10.30pm- play in cage

12.00pm- goes hyperactive, and go round and round in cage.

12.30pm- Lights off! Hehehe nobody knows what Bunny does at this time!


How's your day?

Diary of a Bunny Boy!