Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bunnies Great Escape

Hello everybunny,
Today Fluffy and Bunny had a great non-supervised 2 hours of freedom. Mummy usually feeds us in our cage before going out for dinner, but today, we escaped! 

As usual, they love to hang a bunch of banana at the dining chair. And, as usual, we love to jump to grab a bite at the banana!

We can't actually reach the chair, so usually we steal the bananas from daddy! 

We love bananas! But the humans always take away the bananas from us and hide it far far away!

Not today, because no humans is around at home. Bunny and Fluffy got the last piece of banana, and finished everything, inclusive of the skin.

Yummy, it is very delicious! Mummy is very angry because we escaped! But, Mummy, you have forgotten to close the cage door! 

Life is great with Bananas!

Bunny and Fluffy

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