Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our MaMa!

Bunny just don't get it. Mama let us run and play, but everytime we bite she whacks us and push as away.

Then when we bink and hop, she'll be like "awww, Bunny ar, why you so cute ya?". Bunny cant answer her because Bunny cannot deny that Bunny is cute!

Yesterday mama said "Bunny come, let's camwhore"

So Bunny went near mama, then mama took a weird looking thing that have the sound 'chak chak chak'. Sounds scary, so Bunny turns away...

The next thing Bunny knew was a shriek. "Bunny ah, why you show your backside to mama ah?!" 

Bunny hops away. Mama, Bunny's backside is cutest ma...

Then Bunny come sniff mama, and camwhore with mama. Mama so happy that she laughed stupidly. Don't you think humans are so weird?


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