Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fun with Buns

Mama occassionally will give us veges. Bunny likes to eat the veges non stop, while I like to play with the veges. I can pull the veges far far, then shred it, then leave it on the floor. Then i go back to the vege container and smack the container so that the vegetables all fly out. 

Bunny loves to eat gracefully. He's a real juicer because he blends the vege with his teeth and the vegetable juice will ooze out making his mouth and hand green in color. Last time, mama will put a napkin for Bunny but i guessed mama become lazy already. 

After eating, i normally do some exercise. Mama will throw a cloth to cover me, and i will find my way out from there. Bunny is not interested in games. He prefers to sleep. 

This is how we have fun with the buns! 

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